Anna Nepomich, Ph. D, Instructor

Anna, a graduate of Moscow State University, is a professional biologist working in a medical field. At an early age, I realized that I want to help people but never was brave enough to explore this interest. I was sure that medical treatment should be done only by professionals, and did not want to be responsible for anything that can hurt a human being. However, in 2006, a tragedy happened in my family, and I understood that I do not want to rely anymore on traditional doctors because they can make mistakes, too. I decided to explore alternative methods and found an article in the Russian Newspaper about Dr. Temnikov's School. I was amazed by the possibilities of the Method of Informational Correction and availability to learn it locally. I started my study under the instruction of Zinovy and Elena Barch and completed my education with Dr. Temnikov, the author of this method. I use every opportunity to let people know about the method of informational correction and practice it myself because my desire to help my family, friends, and everyone is very strong.
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