New flu season: First child death occurs (Fox News). What should you do?

A child in the Southeast U.S. is the first person to die from flu this season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported yesterday.
The death occurred during the first week of October, and was reported to the CDC last week, the agency said. "This death is a somber reminder of the danger flu poses to children," said Jamila Jones, a spokesperson for the CDC. Currently, flu activity in the United States is still low. Sixteen states are reporting no flu activity, while 32 states are reporting sporadic activity, the CDC said. Just one state, Iowa, has seen local outbreaks of the disease.
A new strain of swine flu that first appeared in flu patients in July has so far infected 310 people in 10 states. Most of these cases occurred among people who had contact with pigs, and the virus does not appear to spread easily between people. No new strains have been identified since.

AIHD comments: Despite of CDC advice about flu vaccination we suggest to execute your best judgment - sometimes it may cause more harm than virus itself. Moreover, for children under six years old even CDC does not advise flu vaccination. So, what should you do?
The first line of defense against flu is the consumption of natural food rich of vitamins A and C. Food sources of vitamin A are yellow or orange fruits and vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes, apricots, carrots, pumpkin, and cantaloupe. Dark green vegetables are also good source of it (broccoli, spinach, turnip greens). However, even if you eat plenty of vitamin A it does not guarantee your body will be successfully absorbed it. You also need other nutrients like zinc, proteins, essential fatty acids, lipase, probiotics for its absorption.
You should carefully watch the signs of vitamin A deficiency like frequent tissue health issues, weak immune system, dry scaly skin, poor night vision, fertility issues.
The benefits and sources of vitamin C you all know (raw guava, bell pepper, parsley, broccoli, etc.) but in details we shall discuss it next time.
The second line of defense is Essential Oils. You can use "On Guard" (from doTerra), daily, one drop on every wrist as preventive measure. However, if you feel first symptoms of cold or flu use "Melaleuca" oil immediately.
If you are interested in detection of your levels of vitamins A and C then call us at (908) 938-3145 (or send us email with your picture), and we shall determine it for you at no charge. This is on a house!