Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy and prosper New, 2013 Year!

Administration of AIHD congratulates of all our colleagues, clients, and friends with New Year 2013, the year of snake by Chinese calendar.

As we mentioned in December of 2011, the end of the world did not happened in 12-21-2012. That was very good. However, hurricane Sandy caused us, in Tri-state area, a lot of troubles. Even AIHD office`s roof in Dunellen NJ lost some shingles, and we had no electricity for 2 weeks. Let`s briefly analyze what has happened with hurricanes in 2012. Our forecast has showed highly active hurricane year - 10 major events (category 3 and above) and 18 smaller hurricanes and storms in Atlantic coast of USA. Specifically the end of September and October with possible hurricanes category 3 in Delaware, Washington DC (9-16-12), Florida, Alabama 10-06-12, Florida, Georgia 10-15-12, and smaller, category 2 South Carolina, Texas (10-09-12, 10-24-12), and category one Florida, Georgia (10-29-12). All of them HAVE BEEN CORRECTED by AIHD. As the result only one hurricane has actually hit the US shore with wind category 1 - but it was very bad one. It was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record (as measured by diameter, with winds spanning 1,100 miles (1,800 km). The actual damage from the wind was minimal, but the damage from the flood and water was huge – it`s estimated at over $63 billion USD in US only.

Why did it happen? Our correction significantly reduced the wind energy and its damage, but it ignored element of water (info-therapists of level 3 please refer to level 3 “The Repertory book”). The element of “Water” is missing from a “hurricane” model and therefore correction doesn`t address it properly. The first bell rang in 2011, when hurricane Irena hit the NY City and some New Jersey shore. We would suggest considering hurricanes as a dual catastrophe, which belongs to both elements wind and water, and correct it accordingly. That is what we are going to do for hurricane correction in 2013. Detailed analysis and correction of major hurricanes and aviation catastrophes will be done later in 2013. Read our news briefs. The Sun will continue to be active, and will reach it maximum activity according to NACA. In 2012 for instance we had no spotless days at all; in 2011 just 2, in 2010 – 51, and in 2009 – 206 days. Today, for instance, there are 87 spots on a Sun.

What our students can expect in 2013? Our plans are below: Happy New Year Set of seminars will be started in the January. Remote students may use Skype to attend all seminars (except basic seminar of Level 1). The seminars will also include our specialized courses for mental and post traumatic diseases, Nutrition, and Essential Oils.

The emphasis in 2013, will be made on healing with Nutrition and healthy diet. We are running extensive research of healing with diet, and supplements produced by various companies. These supplements, with Essential Oils, informational therapy, provide speedy recovery and reduced cost of healing. If you would like to participate in our research or distribution activities please contact our office (we can offer the great compensation plan and excellent residual income).

Happy, healthy and prosper New Year to all our students, instructors and colleagues, Info-therapists around the world!

P.S. List of seminars in the winter semester of 2013:

1. Seminar “Nutrition for Info-therapists” - Saturday, 12:00 (01/19, 4/06; $60.00, duration is 3 hours

2. Introduction to Natural Healing (Workshop) – 1/26, 2/9; $100.00, duration is 4 hours

3. Diagnostics and Correction of human`s Negative states (Basic Workshop) – 02/16, 3/02; $400.00 16 hours

4. Diagnostics and Correction of Negative events – course starts on 03/09; $600.00 class is 20 academic hours

5. Creation of positive events – class starts on 05/04/2013, $800 22 academic hours;


6. Specialized seminar –Correction of negative mental states, depression, and post traumatic stress disorders 04/06; 4 $100.00, 4 academic hours .


For people who sign up for whole winter semester the total price is reduced to $1850.00, which is $210 saving, plus a free bonus - seminar “Healing with essential Oils”. Payment plan could be established. All seminars are available remotely via Skype, or in our New Jersey office or both. Major credit cards are accepted.