American Institute of Human Development is educational and research facility created to promote a healthy life style, to help people preserve their health, quit bad habits, and restore their natural ability for self improvement and healing. Who are we and what are we doing?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why has God created a man without a healthcare industry?
Did the Creator assume that human"s life will be better without MDs and pharmaceutical lobbies (which today consume 14.6% of the United States GDP)? What about third world countries? Did the Creator predict that the United Nations would pump billions of dollars from the West to save millions of people dying without healthcare? Or, is God indeed merciful and did create a man with the ability to heal?

Fortunately now we know the answer: YES! The homo sapiens have the natural ability not just to restore and heal using exercises and meditations like Yoga, Jose Silva , and other systems. Homo Sapience has the natural ability to heal other people including their kids, the elderly, and neighbors. How could this be? the educated reader might ask. How can we help without a MD diploma, without FDA approval, without pills, drugs and 10 yeas of schooling?

Would you like to learn how to re-open your natural healing abilities in 20 hours?

If you would continue reading, and you will be the master of your own health. Otherwise, your best years could be impacted by Pharmageddon prescription drugs related issues, which recently reached enormous proportion Small investment in your health education will save you big later - accountants calculated that an average American spends his all 401K money on health bills in three years.