Natural healing with essential oils and other modalities.

How to restore your health? How to become free off drugs? What alternative healing modalities available (natural remedie
Location: AIHD office
Street: 212 N. Washington Ave
Town: Dunellen
State: NJ
Zip: 08812
Prerequisites: None
Cost: Free
Date: 01/14/2012
Time: 12:00 PM

Application of Essential Oils for health issues. Good health depends on good nutrition. What does it mean Good nutrition? If it"s good for everybody, does it mean it"s good for me? How to correct and supplement your diet to improve your health? What is the modern natural approach to basic elements of good nutrition? What to do if you are already on medication and the problems don"t go away? You can get the answers on these and other questions on this lecture. You will discover the difference between mainstream beliefs and natural health practices.

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